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Changes to lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) reference intervals From 18 February 2023, the currently used reference interval for LDH of 110-220 IU/L (across all ages) will be changed. It will now reflect age-adjusted partitioning in line with AACB and other reference interval harmonisation efforts across New Zealand between public and private laboratories. Dr Melissa YsselClinical Lead […]

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“Just print a part”: An innovative solution to a staining challenge

Henry Ford is quoted as saying “Don’t find fault, find a remedy”, and being able to securely place larger sized tissue slides in the automated slide stainer at Taranaki’s laboratory, has led Ben Hunter and Gareth Ashton to find the remedy. This issue became apparent after the laboratory’s equipment was upgraded. The arrival of a […]

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The next generation of prenatal screening now in NZ

We’re excited to announce the next generation of non-invasive prenatal screening, Illumiscreen, is now available in Aotearoa New Zealand from across the APHG laboratory network. Non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPS), sometimes known as NIPT, has been available for quite some time to screen fetal DNA for trisomy 21 (Down), 18 (Edward), 13 (Patau). We now have the latest […]

Queen Elizabeth memorial day

Our collection centres will be closed on Monday 26 September in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. Please remember to wear a mask in all of our collection rooms as we are a healthcare facility.

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