Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Eclair Clinical Data Repository (CDR) Shared Laboratory Record information for healthcare providers

What is Eclair CDR?

Eclair Clinical Data Repository (CDR) is an information service providing secure on-line access to Taranaki District Health Board (TDHB) patient database of healthcare records. Previous and current laboratory results are found in Eclair CDR database.

Eclair CDR is not a central regional data repository.

Who can register for Eclair CDR?

Healthcare providers can register with the Taranaki District Health Board, along with community providers. Community providers include health care professionals operating in a community-based setting such as GPs, practice nurses, midwives and specialists.

Why do we provide Eclair CDR?

The overall objective of Eclair CDR is to improve information sharing among community and hospital-based healthcare professionals, for the benefit of patients. This information sharing reduces the need for duplicate laboratory testing on patients; minimises delays in patient care while tests are re-done or re-sent; and is more time efficient for the staff involved in a patient’s care.

How do I request access to Eclair CDR?

If you are a community provider you can request access to Eclair CDR by contacting (06) 753 7777 extn: 7325 or emailing it.servicedesk@tdhb.org.nz . Once your application has been processed you will receive further instructions on how to access the Eclair CDR. 

All users will be required to complete TDHB information Access Deed, which sets out the terms and conditions to using Eclair CDR. This is an agreement between the health providers and TDHB which sets out the obligations around use, access, monitoring of use, and disclosure.

Patients can review our Privacy Policy

What are my responsibilities?

As a healthcare provider, you must advise your patients that you can access their results via Eclair CDR database and obtain their consent to do so. You must also advise your patient that they have the right to opt out of their results being entered into the Eclair CDR database. Patients wanting to opt out will be required to be identified on the request form and inform both the Laboratory and TDHB in writing:

The Laboratory: contact@awanuilabs.co.nz
The TDHB: it.servicedesk@tdhb.org.nz

The responsibility to advise the patient of Eclair CDR rests with healthcare providers.

Where can I get more information?

If you require further information on Eclair CDR contact:

TDHB ICT Services – Service Desk
Phone; (06) 753 7777 extn: 7325
E-mail: it.servicedesk@tdhb.org.nz