Slower Than Usual Turnaround Times for Test Results

Labtests laboratory has recently invested in a major, significant upgrade to our robotic track systems that link the entire core laboratory with instrumentation to automate previously predominately manual processes as outlined in The Scope November 2020: 

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While we have worked very hard to ensure a smooth transition, in a project of this size and complexity it is not entirely unexpected that there would be issues to resolve and unfortunately we are experiencing this.  The effect has been a longer than usual turnaround time for results. 

Our technical and IT staff and our instrument supplier Roche Diagnostics, are working together with urgency to resolve issues as they arise and in the meantime we are prioritizing requests where urgency is indicated. Please help us to identify genuinely urgent requests by submitting the specimens in urgent specimen bags so that they can be quickly identified. 

We are confident that these issues will be resolved and that the new system will provide well for the increasing volumes of requests with very acceptable turnaround times.

We thank you for your patience as we work through these issues.

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