Home-visit service

Home-visit service

Awanui Labs provides a home visit specimen collection service where requested and authorised by the referrer for eligible patients.

Home visit guidelines
Home visit unavailability

We are implementing a revised procedure for cases where patients are not available during their scheduled Home Visits. If a phlebotomist arrives at a patient’s residence and finds them absent, they will leave a calling card advising the patient to contact us to reschedule their visit.

When the patient reaches out to us, we will promptly rebook the Home Visit and remind them of the eligibility requirements. However, if the patient is unavailable for three consecutive visits, we will discontinue the Home Visit service. In such cases, the patient will be informed to contact their referrer and the following message will be sent to the practitioner:

“Your patient was not home for their scheduled Home Visit, so we were unable to complete this request.  Please arrange for a follow up consultation to determine if the requested tests are still required and to confirm the patient’s details, including their eligibility for Home Visits.”

To book a home visit please email to auk.home.visits@awanuilabs.co.nz (preferred) or phone (09) 574 7399 option 3.