The benefits of being paperless!

Labtests introduced eOrders, a system which replaces the paper laboratory test request with an electronic version. This eOrder is then available at any one of our 55 collection centres at the time when the patient presents for testing.

Generating an eOrder instead of a paper request form means that when patients attend a collection centre, they can come empty-handed. They don’t have to dig into the bottom of their bag or under the seat in their car to find a paper request form.

We have given eOrders a big push over the last 12 months and we now have more than 290 medical practices using eOrders and more than 3500 eOrders received each day at Labtests. We only expect this to continue as the eOrder rollout delivers significant benefits to doctors and patients alike.

Convenience is the core benefit for patients. Patients can attend any of our collection centres, provide their name and our phlebotomists can find their eOrder immediately.

The implementation of eOrders has created key benefits for our patients, the medical practices and the Labtests team and we are pleased to see the continued and successful uptake of this initiative.

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