Blood Test Safety Information

Blood Test Safety Information


To prevent fainting during a blood test:

  • Please inform staff member if you feel you may faint during the test and you will be able to lie down
  • If you do faint, this is usually short lasting and will cause no permanent damage
  • The event will be documented as an incident

To prevent bruising and bleeding after a blood test:

  • Avoid excessive movement such as: digging, jogging, and carrying heavy objects/children etc, for 1 hour as the arm involved may become bruised
  • Pressure is required to minimize bruising and prevent bleeding (clot forms)
  • Remove dressing in approximately 15 minutes otherwise tape may cause irritation.

If you experience pain either during or after a blood test:

  • This is usually transient, is often unavoidable and recovery is usually rapid
  • If severe, please inform staff member immediately
  • The cause of the pain may be one of two things: either the vein has been punctured on both sides causing blood to leak into the surrounding tissues or a nerve has been injured
  • Ice may be applied to the site and any adverse effect of the blood test will be documented as an incident
  • If the pain persists after leaving the centre, please advise your GP.

If you are concerned, please contact the Collection centre where your specimen was collected.

Date Issued: 10/08/2022 PCS-PI-001

Authorised by: HOD, Patient Services