Faeces Collection: For Faecal Occult Blood Testing

Faeces Collection: For Faecal Occult Blood Testing


Important – Specimen labelling and delivery:

  • Ensure full first and last names and date of birth (dd/mm/yy) are clearly written on the OC-Auto sampling bottle  
  • Ensure date and time of collection is written on the request form and the OC-Auto sampling bottle  

Specimen Collection:

1. Collect a fresh faeces specimen directly into a faeces container provided to you.

2. To collect the sample, twist the lid off the OC-Auto sample bottle. The lid has a small collection stick attached.

3. Scrape the end of the collection stick over the surface of the bowel motion several times to cover the grooves completely.

4. Carefully put the collection stick back into the sample tube, ensuring no faeces spills over the outside of the OC-Auto sampling bottle.

5. Push the lid to click shut and do not remove the lid again, keep the at room temperature

Note: Deliver the specimen to a Awanui Labs Collection Centre the day the specimen was collected.

Date Issued: 23/10/2018 PCS-PI-010
Authorised by: HOD, Patient Services