My Test Results

My Test Results

Awanui Labs Northland provides diagnostic testing under contract to the Northland District Health Board as per contractual requirements your results are sent to the Healthcare provider who requested the Tests.  Your healthcare provider is the best person to interpret your results.

The Privacy Act and you

Awanui Labs is committed to protecting your privacy.   You have the right to access your health information ensuring that the information is only released to those entitled to receive it.  This statement provides you with information on what information we collect, who we share it with and your rights to correct it.

Collection of Information

We collect and exchange information about you with your doctor, midwife, healthcare professional or any other person or organisation you authorise to make a request for laboratory testing. We also obtain information from other organisations within the health sector, as well directly from you.

Information We Hold About You

We hold information about you for the purposes of identification; confirming and securing funding; and the reporting of test results

  • You are able to review and request corrections to information that we hold about you
  • We retain this information for at least ten years

Use of information

We use this information for the purposes of: undertaking tests and communicating the results; to secure funding for those tests; and to provide assistance to healthcare providers acting on your behalf in planning your healthcare.

  • Without this information the laboratory is unable to undertake the testing or help the healthcare provider plan your healthcare.
  • Where the District Health Board funds the test, we provide information to the Regional Clinical Data Repository (Connectcare – formerly TestSafe). If you do not wish to have your results viewable within this system you should advise your healthcare provider that you wish to “opt-off”.
  • We provide information to National Screening Programs unless you have advised your healthcare provider that you wish to “opt-off” and not participate in the program.
  • We provide information to the Ministry of Health and other government agencies where required to do so under law or contract.

We may use these details to send you information about healthcare related products and services that may be of interest to you. We will not sell or provide this information to any non Awanui companies. You may opt-out of this if you wish.

Copies of Test Results

 You have three options for obtaining your test results;

  • We send your healthcare provider the results immediately upon completing them. This is the quickest way to obtain the information. Your healthcare provider is also able to provide you with the best interpretation of the results and this is the recommended process.
  • We can send your test results in an encrypted email, this will take between three and seven days
  • We can send your test results through NZ Post, this will take approximately ten days

Self Requested Tests

If you wish to “self request” a test, the results will only be provided to you.

  • Awanui Labs are not able to provide you with an interpretation or medical opinion of these results.
  • If you would like your healthcare provider to receive a copy of the results, please provide their full details.

To request a copy of your results

You can request a copy of your results at the time your sample is collected or go to a Collection Centre later.

You need to complete the Request for Results form; provide identification. This is required for each set of results you require, except if you have a repeat request from your referrer.

Awanui Labs cannot take these requests by phone.

Providing results to patients over the phone

In general,we do not give out results over the phone. 

If you have any concerns about access to your test results, you may write to our Privacy Officer, requesting access to your information: Privacy-Officer@awanuigroup.co.nz