Our values

Our values

Awanui Labs operates under the STAR values:

Service Excellence 

  • We strive to provide the highest standard of health care
  • We look for the new opportunities to improve our care and service
  • We seek to understand and exceed expectations

Teamwork and Integrity

  • Our workmates know they can rely on our team
  • We are open and honest in all our communication with each other
  • We embrace constructive feedback and recognize achievements
  • We earn each others’ respect and receive it in return


  • We look to the future, always ensuring we have stable platforms from which to build
  • Continuous learning and creativity are integral to our jobs and the success of our company
  • We are proactive and innovative in response to new and emerging industry and community opportunities and needs


  • We are accountable to our colleagues, our patients, our stakeholders, our company, and our shareholders
  • Our decisions are made with a balanced focus on financial security and service excellence
  • Services are delivered in a way that incorporates the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and acknowledges cultural diversity
  • We earn each others respect and receive it in return 

Acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi

Whakamanatia te Tiriti o Waitangi. The Treaty of Waitangi is acknowledged as a unique feature of the New Zealand community.