Order Laboratory Consumables

Order Laboratory Consumables

To order medical supplies you can use the editable PDF form (which you can email to your local laboratory stores manager) or the online form provided below.

Tips for ordering:

  • We would appreciate if practices can collate orders and only send through once per week where possible. Try and do this on a regular day for your clinic.
  • Allow 3 working days for orders to be dispatched.
  • Order early, anticipate your stock usage over the next week and try not to leave ordering until your stocks run out. If you do not receive an item on your order, that means we do not currently have it in stock, but do not anticipate a long delay in receiving the stock into our branch. It will automatically be put on backorder, and you should receive it very soon. If you do not receive it before your next order, please place it on your new order as a reminder for us to follow up.
  • If in doubt, call us. We are here to help. 0800 101 444

PDF order form

Online order form