eOrders & eResults

eOrders & eResults


eResults is an innovative results solution, providing timely access to your pathology results anywhere you go. eResults allows you to access your results electronically via your smartphone, desktop or tablet from any location.

For more information visit the eresults website.

Please note: eResults does NOT give you access to create and send laboratory requests electronically. Please see eOrders below.


eOrders (electronic orders) allow you to create and send laboratory requests electronically with greater accuracy and efficiency. 

The eOrders web form is accessible directly from most practice management systems (PMS) using your current log in. eOrders sends a laboratory request directly to CSCL collection centres which improves accuracy and provides you and your clinical team with real-time information about your requests. eOrders is used in many DHBs.

Some benefits of using eOrders are:

  • Patient results can be accessed while doing an order directly from the order screen
  • Mandatory clinical details prompts against particular tests so orders are able to be processed by the laboratory
  • Improved patient experience at the collection point
  • Improved quality of laboratory orders
  • Smart features to assist with best practice testing intervals
  • Links to guides and collection information
  • Ability to follow the life cycle of a request
  • Request additional test post collection
  • Ideal for use during remote consultations

When you order a laboratory test via eOrders your patient does not require a paper request form; the patient can present at any CSCL collection centre and their request will be ready and waiting. If your clinic collects samples you can still use eOrders and print the request form to accompany the samples to the laboratory.

For more information please go to www.eorder.co.nz or contact helpdesk@eorder.co.nz