Result Reporting

Result Reporting

Efficient and timely reporting of results is critically important.

We send results to requesting medical practitioners :

  • electronically via Healthlink (HL7 message); or
  • by email; or
  • by post (i.e. printed reports)

Abnormal results are usually telephoned or emailed.

Electronic (HL7) results

Awanui Labs electronically transmits results at 30 minute intervals daily, via the secure Healthlink system.

Emailed results

Emailed results are sent as and when test results are completed.  Critical tests can be emailed instantly. Emailed results are sent using transport layer security.

Click here to view the instructions for viewing results via email.

Printed reports

Our dedicated team prints hard copy reports daily at 7:30am. Hard copies are posted or delivered by the Awanui Labs courier team to the requesting practitioner.  

Troubleshooting electronic results (HL7 and email)

We routinely monitor the electronic transmission of results and we can identify where results have been sent electronically by our system but not received at their destination.  Our Information Systems specialist will alert you if there appears to be a problem sending a result.

Critical action limits

Critical action limits are markedly significant result values that indicate a potentially life-threatening  situation for the patient. 

Urgent notification of a critical value to the appropriate healthcare professional is therefore necessary. 

Pathology laboratories are required to develop policies and put into practice organised processes for communicating critical values. 

View our critical action limits here