Illumiscreen (Non-Invasive Prenatal Screen)

Illumiscreen (Non-Invasive Prenatal Screen)

Awanui Labs is happy to offer the Illumiscreen Non-Invasive Prenatal Screen.

What is the Illumiscreen pre-natal screen?

Illumiscreen is a prenatal test is a simple blood test that screens for the most common chromosomal abnormalities that can affect your baby’s future health.

A sample can be drawn in your doctor’s office as early as the tenth week of pregnancy. It may help you avoid more invasive procedures, such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS), which can pose risks to you and your baby.

The Illumiscreen test is available for both singleton and twin pregnancies.

Why should I choose the Illumiscreen over other tests?

The Illumiscreen test sheds much-needed light on the chromosomal health of your unborn baby—providing the reassurance of reliable answers no other screening test can.

Compared to similar options, the Illumiscreen prenatal test offers accurate information, rather than calculating chances or risk scores.

In addition, it does not carry the risk of complications that other, more invasive, procedures do.

What does it cost?

Currently this testing is not covered under the community contract for funded pathology testing services, and does incur a cost.

Full information on Illumiscreen, including fees, visit www.illumiscreen.co.nz