Urgent and after-hours testing

Urgent and after-hours testing

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Urgent and priority tests during working hours

D Dimer, Troponin T and Frozen Section test requests are rated urgent. Results of these tests should be available within four hours of sample collection.

Priority test requests get priority handling — from collection, to testing and reporting. 

This service applies for nine tests:

  • Electrolytes (NaK)
  • Creatinine
  • Glucose
  • Amylase
  • Infant Bilirubin
  • HCG
  • Complete Blood Count
  • APTT/INR/Fibrinogen
  • ESR (in Temporal Arteritis)

If requested, most test results can be communicated by phone or email.

Laboratory opening hours

Our laboratory operates:

  • Monday to Friday — 8am – 8pm
  • Saturdays — until late afternoon
  • Sundays — until early afternoon
  • on most public holidays — until early afternoon

Urgent after-hours testing

We offer an out-of-hours testing service through the 24-hour hospital laboratory service.

How to access our out-of-hours laboratory services

To access our out-of-hours laboratory services, phone Awanui Labs – Wellington (04 381 5900). When the laboratory is closed, options are given for either:

1. Awanui Labs – Wellington results
This option is for results for testing completed at Awanui Labs. Your call will be diverted to an Awanui Labs staff member with remote access to these results.

2. Testing services for critical samples
This option is for analysis of critical samples. Your call will be diverted to the duty scientist at the hospital laboratory performing testing.

Communicating with the hospital laboratory

The hospital laboratory scientist will ask for test and contact details and will provide instructions on where to send the sample for testing. The requesting medical practitioner will need to arrange for the samples to be taken and for prompt delivery to the hospital laboratory reception.

Once the hospital laboratory has confirmed testing can proceed, any further communication about the samples or results should be directed to the hospital laboratory.

Awanui Labs on call

Awanui Labs on-call coordinator is available to deal with any problems. Call (04) 381 5900 during normal hours or 027 2577 923 after hours.

Tests offered after hours

The tests available at the hospital laboratory as part of this service are:

ElectrolytesFull Blood Count (CBC)Blood CulturesHIV “Source Needle
Stick” only
Neonatal BilirubinD-Dimer  
GlucoseMalaria Screen  
Troponin-TESR (for Temporal Arteritis
Calcium (Ca++, PO4-, Albumin)   
Amylase (pancreatic)   

Other tests are available only with the authorisation of an Awanui Labs pathologist. The hospital laboratory duty scientist will provide contact details when authorisation is necessary.